Recipe for Happiness

Is there a recipe for happiness? I think there is and would like to share some elements.  So here are the ones I identify, or rather, identify with. Emotion, a feel-good place that allows growth and caring. Love, overwhelming love that takes you from point “a” all the way to point “z” without hesitation. Enthusiasm, a happy place of being without doubt. We often start or end our days listing the doubts we have. Will we be able to afford the car, will the bank deny our mortgage? We gather a cluster of doubts around us so thick that we cannot see ahead.

Unhappy, yes, undoubtedly we must recognize that the bills need paying, that we must go to work and maybe we don’t like our job but by doing this our joy in life is also stopped by this negative emotion.

Starting a day is my time for thinking. I think of all I must do yes, but my recipe for happiness is think about what you want to do, how you see yourself, and often a way to get it done or to proceed in that direction. Energy is a positive knife cuts away all that negative fog. I have a girlfriend that pins an affirmation a day on her mirror so that every morning she starts her day affirming positive things and expecting positive results. I have a butterfly on the fridge that says, remember, we are going to, and it lists my goals, no more than three because I do want, throughout this life to be the one always moving forward, if I had ten, for example, I would not move forward I would be overwhelmed. Gratitude is part of the charm.

When I give thanks, it puts a period at the end of the day. Start each day with goals and finish each day with thanks for what you have accomplished.