Reasons for Cheating

This blog is about something that has happened a lot in several relationships, and that will probably keep happening. It is cheating. When a person cheats, we all tend to blame him/her. Some are just players and do it all the time, while others do it without ever intending to. We neglect to see the reasons that push people to actually cheat. If your partner cheats on you, then you must have been so distant from him/her. The reasons that made you be together are disappearing, if not has totally disappeared.

Your partner must have asked for your attention and must have talked to you about how better things were at the beginning. You heard him/her but did not really pay attention or listen to what s/he was saying. The things and kind of care that your partner was looking for, they have found it in another person. You let another person pays more attention to the person you love. You were busy in other things, busy in other priorities and neglected your relationship. and you might have done so unintentionally. All relationships go through ups and downs but some people run away during the downs.

If this happens with you, do not blame yourselves and do not think negatively and wonder “what is wrong with me?” and “am I not good enough or why?” Cheating is a choice and not an option. It is a choice because we can all meet different people with whom there is attraction, but we can choose to be loyal and stick to your partner. So be loyal sweeties and when you do not feel the love that you need with your partner, just end it instead of cheating hugs take care