Raise your Vibration

Everything in the universe is energy, and energy vibrates. Being able to maintain a higher vibration within ourselves can offer us a multitude of physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits.

With the intense energy, and uncertain times on our planet right now it can be difficult to keep our vibration in check and to keep up that high vibe.

Listed below I will offer some tools and tips to help you maintain a higher vibe so you can navigate through these times with more ease and create the life that you know you were meant live.

By maintaining a higher vibration you can experience better health, relieved anxiety, heighten intuition, quicker manifestations, a flow state in life, and so many more incrredible benefits.

How to keep a high vibe:

1.Meditation- We know meditation is extrmely valubale to us, by doing this for as little as 20 minutes a day you can raise youre vibration

2.Eat a high vibe diet- You are what you eat. Eating a diet rich in  organic whole foods instead of a more dense diet witll allow for more light to enter into youre body and in turn raise youre vibration

3.Get grounded –By getting outside barefoot in nature you can connect to the earths magnetic field and it will help attune you to a natural higher vibrtation, not to mention the long list of health benefis its offers

4.Breathwork- Breathwork floods you’re body with oxygen and allows you’re body to access its full potential and go into its natural state which is a higher vibe

5.Posititve Thoughts– This sounds easy but so often our minds and thoughts are clouded with negative limitting beliefs and this lowers our vibration. By being mindful of our thoughts and intentions this immediatley changes our vibration

6.Being grateful- Living in a state of gratefulness of the beauty and blessings in you’re life will automatically keep that vibe high. It will also help to create more of those beautiful things in you’re life.

The present moment is always an opportunity to choose how you feel and be in a state of love and light which will help you create the beautiful high vibe life you desire