Ra (Re) the Sun God

Ra or Re is the ancient Egyptian deity of the sun. I often draw my Egyptian stones to do a reading for myself to start the day.  It provokes thought and gives me the direction of my meditation for the day.  Today I chose Re.  Re is the sun god of Heliopolis.

I love being creative so I love to get this stone.  It tells that creativity is the energy at hand.  Use it in your career, your relationships and in your passion.  I love photography, I’m inclined to think it is a good day to get out with the camera.  It could be anything you love and that gives you the opportunity to self-express.  Re also says put your self out there.  Take the risk, make yourself available and use your charisma, time to turn on the charm.  I feel like the light is pouring into me.

I can feel it and will use it in my meditation.  The words that come to mind are personality, popularity, attention, light, energy and the joy of living.   I use my creativity in sometimes unusual art, decorating mannequins, computer art, yarn wigs, decoupage suitcase and anything do to with a collage.  What matters is that you are expressing yourself, it doesn’t matter if others like it or get it.  Just express yourself…It’s good for the soul.

When I did my meditation with Re in mind, I relaxed, breathed and brought in the light right through the top of my head. I repeated the affirmation in my head, “I will allow the light to flow through my body bringing me creative energy.”