Psychic Vampires

Psychic vampires are real. But how do you tell you have one following you? Here are three ways. They approach you as a friend needing help. They phone you daily, sometimes for hours, and if you have to hang up they call back. They need you, they are crying, you are the only one they can turn to for help. You almost feel dirty when you, to be polite, hear details about people, other friends, that you truly do not want to know, and you feel compromised. It is, despite their pain, a way to manipulate you. They call you their best friend, and you are, until someone better comes along. Theses Vampires are often social climbers.

You often find these vampires at work or in volunteer organizations where for days you will be “the pick of the litter” so to speak and on breaks, or after hours they will share the most amazing stories of your co-workers and bosses. They are mostly lies. Two things can happen you can believe them and later find the information they gave you was a lie, or you can act on that information trying to defend them only to find yourself the bad guy and you are in trouble at work with your previously good reputation gone – and guess what? They then disown you and anything you said, or questioned was in your own imagination.

Empaths are who they hurt the most. Do you feel drained after an encounter? Most likely. They really drain the energy right out of you, and this is the strongest indication that someone is using you for their pleasure. Why? Because you are perhaps the kindest gentlest soul. You put up with their drama and you try to make things better for them seriously it can take days for you to recover. When you feel this happening withdraw. Yes, to the extent of not answering the phone or the door, to ignoring their texts. You are recognizing that this is an illness but as long as you are putting the bandaids on they will not get help. And …sometimes they are happy as they are, they just don’t want to. You don’t have to wear garlic on your neck just don’t respond. Live quietly and be well so you can help those who genuinely need it.