Psychic Predictions

North Korea are enjoying the attention they are getting from the world and the feeling of control and power. I had a vision of missiles being fired that came very close to Japan and the USA borders. I saw The USA and allied nations swiftly move in and occupied North Korea no nuclear bombs where dropped. After this, I saw a time of peace   The truth of Chinese allegiance will be revealed they are not telling the whole story and it will become very clear who’s side they are on.   It will be confirmed trump did not have anything to do with Russia in the election.

Russia is going to shock the world by allying against the North Korean attacks.   New laws surrounding nuclear weapons are going to be brought into play which will benefit the world.

I saw a star fall from the sky a well-known musician will pass on before the year’s end or early next year.   Shocking revelations about past presidents are going to come into the light.   America will win the Olympics in 2020 Russia will finish second and I saw people were surprised who came third.

Another well-known TV celebrity will be in the running for the next presidency position in the next campaign.   In 2018 there will be great emphases on AI and making it available to the public.   Political correctness is going to start subsiding in 2019.  It’s hard for me to describe this but I saw a device that merged with the brain that allowed people to turn off and on computers and TVs.   I saw 4 major volcanic eruptions from 2018 to 2019.

In the vision to me it looked like 2019 but by 2020 Isis will no longer be a threat. Another group will emerge with a new a name they will be wise as serpents and as evil as serpents in carrying out terror. But they will also be taken out of the picture by military force and their reign will be short.    It will be revealed before 2022 that it is possible to grow human organs and this has been happening for a long time.   One of the biggest growing employment sectors will be child counselling. The result of this will mean that the next generation will be on far less anti-depressants that what this generation is on now.