Psychic Company Expose

I have been researching a variety of psychic companies over the past several months, and feel it’s time to lift the lid on what I have uncovered.  Psychics, being highly empathetic and compassionate are vulnerable to unscrupulous companies that take unfair advantage of them, and at the same time, in my opinion, overcharge the client.

I would firstly like to commend Jayson from Psychic Contact, who has the highest ethical standards of any company I have found so far and simultaneously maintains the lowest charge rate for clients. Ironically he pays his psychics up to three times as much as companies that charge triple to the client.

Psychic Contact is a company that maintains a beautiful level of high ethical standards for clients and psychics.  What I have uncovered elsewhere though, is horrible, and it is clear to me that psychics are much in need of a union to represent their needs to psychic companies.

As that is unlikely to happen, the only way we can take a stand against unfair work practices is to just, log off.  Where we choose as psychics to provide readings is an important voice, which says; I am happy working here.  I am submitting this article to raise awareness of this common issue, so clients can think about where they spend their hard-earned money.  One might assume paying five dollars a minute, would buy you a better reading.

That is just not the case in what I have found so far.  The psychic companies that charge the most pay the least, and often pay far below minimum wage.  Someone working at a fast-food restaurant gets better entitlements and compensation for their efforts than an at-home psychic in many cases.

I’m finding companies that pay only 10%. Also, companies which force psychics to read for preset profiles; some are even a different gender to the actual psychic giving the reading!  Some companies heavily guide the psychics by pushing them to bait clients into repeated bookings, or risk dismissal.  It is shocking to me that such practices are unfortunately common in this industry, and I hope my article raises awareness of this issue and helps give voice to the empathetic ones among us, who are too kind, and are willing to put up with these poor working conditions, to just be able to be of service to the community.