As a psychic I often encounter many different energies and I am sometimes asked how I keep myself grounded and protected in this case. I will often use water as a cleansing tool because it is free and pure and completely grounding. Here’s a tip: You can appilfy a tub of water with different essential oils and bath salts but always use the best quality products and never use things that may not agree with you.

I love lavender and almond oils and natural bath salts, this can also be used around your home or where you sleep. Salts can clear out any negativity around you and keep it away as well, and its all-natural and will not harm anything.

Salt has been used for protection for a very long time, and it’s believed to absorb negative energy.  I always say to the universe when I’m doing protection seals that it is protection for all life forms and that even the lost souls need it.