Preparation for Healing

This all goes back to the first premise; healer heal thyself. To me, it’s more like know yourself. You direct energy as you feel it and you may know, psychically, that this is an emotional issue, or a physical one; but overall this current, coming from your hands, or from the person to person contact the more “direct” current you can provide the stronger your effect and your healing.

It is often said about Reiki that when you heal others you simultaneously heal yourself. It is also important to know that this healing comes from Creator, a higher power, and regardless you do not leave the healing chamber with that illness you have worked at healing, still attached to you.

I have a small ritual, which includes, working backwards, washing my hands in cold water. This clears my energy. I meditate twice daily this helps me ground and keeps me in that kind of meditative zone. I also play music when I meditate, not all the time, but as a purposeful pairing. When I play my healing music in the healing chamber there is a type of “Kenning,” that occurs. I slip more easily into the healing zone. (The defines kenning as: A figurative, usually compound expression used in place of a name or noun, especially in Old English and Old Norse poetry; for example, storm of swords is a kenning for battle) It is a pairing of the meditative energy with my healing prayers.

I also pray, and begin each day, and end each evening with prayers for myself and others. In other words, I keep in touch with the creator.  So each day begins with love and ends with love..

Funny how at times you don’t know the name of a God, so in that case, mother and father will do. This is the joy of life and healing. I am an energy healer, a Reiki Master Teacher, and a person who believes in a higher power. Healing harnesses the energy and love of life. It is a kind of communication with angels at the root of all things. This communication is the first step.