Prejudice and Illogical Thinking

One day some years ago a casual acquaintance with whom I was having coffee asked me what I do for a living. It was a simple enough question. At the time, I had just begun working online as a psychic advisor and proudly told her that I was a psychic reader in an online chat room.

The reaction I got from this person was totally unexpected and very upsetting. She said, “Oh, you are a witch! I can’t talk to you anymore. I am a god-fearing person and you are tainted.” and she practically fled into the street. I thought about that for a long time after the encounter and realized that she had not really thought about what “psychic” meant. She was using prejudice instead to explain it to herself.

Unfortunately, the history of most nations includes massive amounts of prejudice, some silly but some tragic, like prejudice against people of different skin colors, different religious beliefs, no religious beliefs or different gender attractions to name just a few. In order to be prejudiced, a person has to have a lot of self-hate and very low self-esteem. Most people who feel good about themselves and accept that not everyone has to be the same as they are, will not be prejudiced and will allow for differences among humans.

Many even take it a step further and have an acceptance of all living beings on the planet. They keep an open mind and are willing to think logically and learn new things. Right now, the world is in upheaval because most of the leaders do not think logically. They have abandoned reason and instead use brute force or dumb statements. They try to give their followers simple solutions to complex problems. They tell us that if we only get rid of this or that group, we can clear up everything. Most problems, such as the degradation of the environment, have very complex solutions and blind faith in some super being is not going to solve the problem.

Getting rid of LGBTQ people will not stop hurricanes no matter how many radio preachers say it will. White Supremacy will not stop crime and having tons of guns will not be protection but rather a hazard to life and limb. Slogans will not make our world safer or happier.

They will only add to the problems or help us ignore the problems until we are overwhelmed. The real way we can help ourselves and work our way out of a possibly disastrous future is by uniting and thinking up solutions to problems. We can’t solve one problem by adding a different problem and calling it a solution. It’s time for us all to start thinking logically and begin to save ourselves, our neighbours and our planet by walking from prejudice and hate one thoughtful step at a time.