This week we welcomed a new furry member to our family. I have a long history of taking to animals that are looking for a new home. This little fellow was too adorable to pass up. He is a seven-month-old Mini-lop bunny and I didn’t even realize that it was Easter next weekend when I offered him a home. What a perfect timing and a fantastic addition to our family unit. Luckily, he’s already used to dogs, ragdoll cats, and plenty of people around him. He came with everything; it’s such a blessing to see him enjoying his new home with all his usual items.

It’s been four years since we brought our Pomeranian home when it was looking for a new place. I had forgotten how much it disrupts the daily flow of family life. There have been the usual conflicts between siblings as both children fight for pats and snuggles with the new chap. There have been tears, smiles, and everything in between. It hasn’t even been 24 hours, but he is settling in nicely and charming everyone in sight.

Bringing a new member into a family reconnects me to my love of animals, my commitment to serve, and my desire to practice mindfulness in my daily life. Cleaning trays, doing dishes, setting out hay and treats brings peace into my foundations. It draws balance, and I appreciate being able to share a love of animals with my children. Caring for others is such a necessary trait to nurture in children. It brings responsibility and empathy.

My family is now complete with two Ragdoll cats, a Pomeranian dog, and a Mini-lop bunny. Let the fun begin.

What animals do you have in your home?