People are Watching

I was stumped on another blog to write and it seems every time I am, life gives me a new lesson or something that is so important to share.  Some days we go through life as if no one is watching us.  We don’t check our attitude or our actions or even consider that maybe someone is watching us.  That someone could be someone that is hurting or sick, or maybe just needing to see a positive person in front of them.

Today I was surfing my Facebook timeline when I got a private message from someone that I don’t know personally, but that I played games with online in the past.  She comes up in my feed often as I am sure I do on hers.  She always is complaining of intense pain or being tired. I felt that maybe something was going on with her.  Today she came in and said to me, ” I am going to miss your perkiness.”

I found that odd so continued to ask her, “Why would she miss me. Where is she going?” She proceeded to tell me that she is dying and has three months to live.  But she felt the need to tell me how much my positive posts and outgoing and silly attitude has helped her through her diagnosis.   It just got me really thinking about who is actually watching us in our lives? Are we being good examples of humans to others in kindness, and giving and taking the time to help others.

It just wowed me how much I was being watched and appreciated without even knowing it, but to actually make someone feel joy in the short time they have left made my whole day!   I just wanted to remind all of us that people do watch us. We are drawn to one another in emotional connections.  There is always going to be someone that looks up to you or values your gifts and attitude.  Just a reminder that if your life is going good…..share it and show it.

Because you never know the next person you might touch in a mighty way!  To be happy and positive always brings light to someone’s darker situation.  So live as if your next action is the last one…..Love as much as you can!