Pelican Spirit Animal

This morning I got up and went for my meditation at sunrise.  I love to walk on the beach or just sit by the shore in the mornings.  It is the time of year for the Pelicans to migrate through our area.  I caught one sitting in the golden sunrise this morning.  I contemplated the meaning of a Pelican sitting in the sunlight.

What meaning could it have?  I have spent many hours watching the behaviours of these giant birds.  When I see them, I see large animals that sail effortlessly through the air.  It seems the message to me is to soar even when you feel heavy.  Teamwork, camaraderie and flying in formation, that message seems obvious, it seems like I need to be working in a group or trying to be cooperative.

The bird sitting in the golden light just a reminder to bring in the positive light and focus only on what is important.  The solar energy and energy of nature around us, be open to it, take it in.  Breath the air, feel the lightness of your own being and take in the energy around you.  If you were to identify with this bird, I would see these qualities for you, a person who is reflective seeks focus and works well with a team.

If this bird crosses your path, take a look at your direction, use focus and by all means nurture yourself.  Don’t stop with yourself, look at who you can help, teamwork can be important and to nurture someone else is a blessing. To the beautiful Pelican in the sunlight, thank you for the blessing of your message.  To all of you, I hope you are listening to nature around you.