Pathways to Healing

Many people in pain are simply looking for a  short-cut to healing, that somehow another person can peer into your soul and take away the pain. In truth, the most direct method of healing comes from facing, feeling and then releasing the core underlying blockages. The role of the healer is to help guide the client to that point of pain, the inner wound, and by peering deeply into it, help you recognise that it is fundamentally just energy that can be felt and released. All that suffering was, at its core, the result of allowing the shadow energy to dominate your world and assume proportions that defied its true nature.

Many imbalances are about abandonment at some level and the lack of self-worth that results. When these are looked into and felt fully, we can appreciate that they are in fact gentle and weak. Healing energy or bodywork, or prayer for Divine help can then support us as we allow this realisation to ripple through our physical bodies and energy field. To get to this core, we often have to navigate through a more superficial layer of fear and perhaps even anger that sits above. As we do so, we believe we are experiencing the core emotion when in fact we are simply working our way there.

When we are stuck, it is easy to believe that there is no way out, when in fact the solution sits just that little bit deeper if we can peer through the veil of these superficial emotions and fears and feel into our core. It is not easy, but it can be done. During my chats, I help my clients see that they have the power to release their wounding.

All that is needed is to be clear in your intent that you want to experience it as a pathway to its release. Then to feel it fully and give intent to transmute it. I also offer visualizations that help you connect to the Divine love that helps and protect you through the process.