Past Lives

I have been doing a lot of past life exploration as part of my personal growth process.  I love to explore past lives because I can see how deeply they can impact my life now.  Often times, the people that attract or repel us now, are people we have a powerful link to from the past.  Exploring these past lives can have a major impact on how we feel about our lives today. The truth is, though our past life “selves” may have died (strange as it is to think about) – the soul doesn’t operate on linear time.   To the soul, it’s all happening “now.”

The point is that many events of our past lives are relevant to our current life.   For example, I recently learned that I experienced a lot of incarnations in the recent past that relate to freedom.  Exploring these lifetimes helped me to achieve higher levels of freedom today.   I had experienced being a soldier, a slave, a miner, and many other roles.  During some lifetimes, I experienced a lot of opportunities, and during others, I had very little.

Exploring the lifetimes where I had little freedom gave me the chance to discover where I’m restricting my life now.  Exploring the lifetimes where I had a lot of opportunities that taught me how to embrace greater levels of freedom now.  As I engaged in the stories from my past lives, my current life transformed, sometimes magically.

I ended up leaving my job and focusing on what I love to do. So, past life exploration can do more than simply provide amusement and satisfy curiosity!  It can also help you to resolve chronic issues that persist now. Past lives are well worth exploring because you never know what you’ll discover.