Pandora’s Box

We all care about Pandora’s box. It is a new way of seeing. For example, it was Pandora’s jar but when translated from Greek to Latin it became Pandora’s box and that is the way it stays, because, and this is important, this is the way we see, we see a box. If someone tells you before you enter a room, it’s a nightmare, everyone is arguing not discussing. You enter the room and your perception before you even enter is that you are walking into a discordant situation. Without a doubt, the placebo effect takes place in many ways within our lives. In this box were all of the ills meant for humankind. A strange box.

A box holding evils and the last thing in the box was hope, which means that my girlfriend still hopes for her daughter’s return 15 years after she disappeared. She both clings and holds onto hope.

It is an old legend and maybe they have it wrong. Pandora is a beautiful creation, created by the Gods, and it is she we fall in love with while we hope for the best in all of life. Seeing things differently can change what happens. Being aware of what you want to see goes back to the Vedic idea that we are capable and do create our own worlds. Many layers like an onion surround us and when you get to the middle of the onion there are sprouts, life, or maybe, lol, just the end of the onion.

Maybe we are in the center of the onion working our way out. It is the way of seeing that makes a difference. Hope is seeing the best things happen in life and in being happy. Remember she tried to catch them, all the evils that were escaping, back in the box and the only one she could hang onto was hope. Sometimes when we activate our destiny we manage to catch the very best of rewards. In our daily life we are surrounded by evils but what we can hang onto is hope. Makes sense to me.

Fact and fiction both come from the same root: Facere; which means to make or form. Man seeks to order the universe, that is true, but, what he also does is charm the universe. What we believe has a habit of coming true. I believe that rose petals are part of the magic of love. For them to work in him and for me, they have to have a natural scent, one that lingers throughout the years. Lavender is the smell of my grandmother.

When I smell lavender and no one is around, I know that it is her essence communicating with me. Despite the hardness of her life she had such great love and still had hope. She gave that grace to me, the belief in life, the hope for good things. As is You have to have hope to make a world. It is a path through the darkness and if you are in the darkness now, take hope, because there will be a pathway, and you can make all things work for you.