Pain Up Close and Personal

Pain is a part of the human condition, part of the experience of animal life, it is part of spiritual life. Jesus died on the cross writhing in pain. Pain tells us that something is wrong. Gaia feels pain and she eases pain. Sometimes painful messages make us realize we need to do something different. Sometimes pain has nothing to do with something being wrong-the pain of giving birth for example is all about bringing a new being into the world. Why the pain of living and dying is profound. Growth is a painful process.

We go out of our way to avoid pain and still, it shows up on our doorstep.  It seems that as we get older we experience more pain as our bodies age. There are painful realizations, wake-up calls. It seems we come into this world in pain traveling through the birth canal. Frequently we leave this world in pain. There is the pain of losing loved ones. Pain puzzles me, it is on my mind these days for many reasons because I recently lost loved ones to cancer and they both suffered quite a lot and worse is that they each died of terminal cancer within six months of each other. There is the pain of their friends and families. I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m in pain and I don’t know how to release the emotional, and spiritual blockages deep within me.  What is it this pain is trying to tell me?

I am getting up close and personal with my pain because if I don’t I am afraid it will swallow me whole. As a lightworker, I aim to accept pain but I don’t care to attract it. It’s funny how we as humans are inextricably linked to the pain of millenniums of living. Our soul bodies are crying out for healing, understanding, and relief. Pain is inextricably linked to learning whether we are protozoa or people. Pain is a teacher. As a lightworker, I am here to bear witness to the wonderful and the terrible. Sending soothing Light and Love and Healing.