Overcoming Mood Changes

Mood changes from our friends and family with temperatures going down during the winter is common. When we enter the coldest part of the year, many people suffer from an emotional and physical let down. You may notice waking up feeling a little down, because of colder conditions and decreased light.

Tips to get through colder months:

Go outside- Spend 20 minutes outside every day and you’ll notice a difference in mood.

Exercise- It’s important to stay active so you don’t let your feelings of being down take over.

Stay hydrated- Most people don’t drink as much water in the winter. Heat it up to a lukewarm temperature, so you can drink enough.

Rest- Winter is a period of hibernation, getting enough sleep is very important to maintain our energy levels through the colder months.

Hobbies- Pick-up interests like art or music that are homebound and less stressful.

Spend time on yourself- Pamper youself, sepend time in meditation, and pay attention to your diet.

Balanced life- Have plenty of time alone to think and reflect without distractions of phones, and computers. Spend other times with family and friends.

Climatic changes and traditional seasons have a significant impact on why we feel the way we do at certain seasons of the year. The seasons are changing with global climate change and this is having an effect on our emotions.