Out of Body Experience

I had the most unusual experience this week and I thought I would share it with you. I was at the dentist and I thought I was getting a small filling done, but it ended up being a much larger one and needed extensive drilling.

Not being the bravest person when it comes to dentistry, I closed my eyes and try to focus on meditative practices to calm my mind during this lengthy episode of drilling. The next thing I knew I was unable to think, I was in a place that was beyond thought, I just was. Just conscious of existing, yet unable to cognitively process thoughts. This was concerning to me, and I was just aware of asking from my heart to be placed in the care of my Angels, and this happened from an emotional level, as I could not even form words to think these sentiments. I was just part of the fabric of the universe at this time.

My dentist must have noticed something going adrift in me, and he touched my arm and said gently are you okay? Well, in that moment there was a gentle rushing that was so even and measured it was as though I was in an elevator going down a level. I reentered my body and immediately relaxed, and felt wonderfully grounded. I was able to think again, I was able to feel as though I was in my body. In hindsight, it seems reminiscent of what you read about when people have an Ayahuasca ceremony, and during that experience, they often leave their bodies, which is why they must have a shaman on hand in order to retrieve them back into their body, so they are not left out in the universe drifting endlessly. Without the shaman to bring the person back, the body remains an empty shell.

My dentist at that moment was my shaman. When he made contact in a caring way and asked me if I was okay, it brought me back, it grounded and tethered me to my body. The rest of the appointment went uneventfully after that. A simple dental appointment ended up being a deeply spiritual experience that I will remember for many years. Have you ever had an out of body experience? If so leave me a comment and let me know how it unfolded?