Otter Spirit Animal

The Sea Otter is a special animal in our area.  The species had been taken down to a handful of otters,  but with protection, they are coming back.  They thought the species had died out but found a group hidden behind the rocks at Big Sur, California.

They are a keystone species that show the health of our oceans, it is important to keep them in our environment.  Today my husband and I visited Moss Landing, it is a harbour in our area, it also is a protected area for wildlife.  Life has its challenges and we were feeling down today.

We took our walk there to experience the wildlife as that usually will bring us back up.  I took my camera and took photos of the animals, it was beautiful, inspiring and therapeutic. Today there were many sea otters in the bay, there must have been 30 of them.  The Native Americans held these animals to be sacred and were known for their playfulness.   My husband and I sat and watched them play.  It makes sense what I have always been taught that when these animals cross your path you need to bring relaxation and fun into your life.

They say accept what is your life and turn it into fun.  Make the best of what you have, live minute by minute.  They seem to possess feminine energy and it was told by the Native Americans that if they crossed your path you were being told to go with the flow. I can tell you after being in the presence of the sea otters, a calm came over me.  I let them take me into their world, I watched them eat crab, play in the kelp and groom themselves.

They floated together into what they call a raft of otters.  It was spectacular to behold and I feel better for it.   It is important on a daily basis to try to get in touch with nature and light around us. Remember to pay attention to the messages going on around you in nature.  We often are too busy with our day to day lives to pay attention.  But there are animals giving you messages, perhaps it is the family cat or dog, pay attention.

These souls have knowledge and instincts that we all can learn from.