Orange, is not my favorite color, although I love to photograph the sunrise and sunset.  So I decided to look into why I might be so drawn to Orange.  I began to study, read and look into the color orange and what it brings to me.  I learned about joy and enthusiasm, two things I love to maintain in my life.  When I’m photographing the sunrise I get comfort and a sense of renewed spirit, it seems the colors may be promoting those feelings.  As I learned I saw myself revealed in color!  Independent, creative and happy, no wonder I love to bath in the colors of the sun.  I love to fill myself with that energy. Attached to the Sacral Chakra, I begin to understand more.  It is important to keep the Sacral open as this is where the creativity starts.  The need to experience life through emotion and feelings.  Being sensitive I know no other way to live except through emotions, feelings and intuition.  I can see that it is important to keep this energy flowing and why I feel it is important to bring in the orange energy. Joy, enthusiasm and a social color – orange is something we need.  Enjoy the sunrise, feel the sun and take in the orange.  Eat orange, wear orange and by all means soak it in…..To creativity and joy!