“Why chant OM and why is this sound so special?”. Here is a brief explanation of the meaning and significance of OM.  OM is considered to be the ‘primordial sound’. Even before the material creation came into existence there was only the natural humming energy which resembled the sound of OM.

Today, we know that one form of energy can be converted to another form – electricity to sound, electricity to heat, heat to electricity etc. According to the famous equation by Einstein – E=mc2, all matter is nothing but waves of energy. So, when the ‘powers that be’ decided to create this material universe, they were able to use the ever-present humming sound vibration of OM to manifest this creation.

This same vibration continues to exist all around us and even inside us.     Benefits of chanting or listening to OM chanting:

1. Helps you fall asleep

2. Balance your emotions

3. Releases negative emotions

4. Puts you in a good mood

5. Reduces Stress