New Perspective in Hard Times

I cannot help but be hopeful for better things to come. Not just financially but also emotionally and spiritually. This world economy has hit so many people in all walks of life. It just reminds me that every day is a new day to start your new goals and even if you feel you failed yesterday that tomorrow is another day to try again. After all, is that not what life is about?

Being able to forgive the failures and keep moving forward. I know for me that I like to think I am in control, but let’s face it, life has things for us that are out of our control. But I am a true believer in that God already has the most perfect timing. I like to clean out all my drawers and closets when the New Year starts. I also like to redo my yearly budget, and envision me doing well. It makes life feel fresh. Gives a new perspective on things. Little things like this can make a world of difference when you are struggling with negativity. Out with the old and in with the new! I also like to focus on a new attitude.

We all tend to be negative when the financial stuff is going on or we are having health problems or emotional setbacks, but if we focus on how we react to them it seems like these things pass faster. So this year be focused on the positive things going on even in the midst of your hard times. I find that works and realize later that the things I was stressing over all worked out on their own. Life never gives more than we can handle even if it seems we are at our breaking point.

Be the person that shines in the dark for others. The more you shine, the happier you will be.