Nature’s Intuition

Nature is telling us things all the times and we need our psychic abilities to pick up on what is going on. Birds fly south for the winter. Have ever considered that birds are closely related to the zodiac signs. If you are in the zodiac category it could mean a changing of the seasons for you. In the fall all the leaves fall off the trees.

This is giving us a hint that the old has passed and new life is about to grow in us and new things are going to come into our lives while old things pass away. Everything in this earth is made of atoms and they emit a sound when you walk on the sand at the beach you can’t hear it but the atoms the sand is made up of are made of make sound.

I could get very technical with atoms making sounds as it’s not the same sound you hear with your ears. But for how long now have spiritualists been claiming that trees have souls or spirits. In some nations, they worship the trees and give them sacrifices for good luck. Our intuition and psychic abilities have no limits. Next time you walk past a tree and get a thought you may be picking up a message from the tree.

I know it sounds crazy but your intuition can pick up the sounds of those atoms are making in the tree. Have you ever been trying to work out a problem and you see the same numbers on a number plate on a car. This is no coincidence fate is trying to tell you something through these number and numbers have special meanings to different people so take notice. There is a lot more to this world than we commonly realise. Stay aware because the universe is speaking to us it’s giving us answers and massages all the time don’t count it out even if it sounds strange.