Nature Spirits

There is a realm of angels, known as nature spirits, their mission is to protect nature. Fairies are a part of this realm and have angelic energy but are different from Guardian Angels and Archangels. Their purpose is not just to connect and help humans, but rather to work with select groups of humans to care for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants (plants, animals, trees, oceans, rivers etc…).

Fairies are present on Earth, making them Earth Angels. Elementals will help humans, but they are but not everyone. The only people nature spirits will work with are those who also have the purpose of protecting the earth and its creatures.

Here are some ways to connect to nature spirits:

1) Create a garden which is free of pesticides: Any thing that harms the earth and its creatures will repel nature spirits.

2) Fill your garden with healing crystals: Nature spirits are wonderful healers and love crystals. Putting crystal in your garden will help them feel welcomed.

3) Be kind to all animals and don’t kill insects. When you find an insect in your home set it free. 4) Spend time in nature: They love wild settings. While there you can ask them for healing.