Morning Meditation for Peace

It is always a good time to meditate to bring peace.  This morning my meditation was with the intention of bringing peace within.  The world can seem like an overwhelming place sometimes.  This morning it was off to the beach and to take a second to meditate. Breathe in deep and exhale, as I sit and let myself relax.

I always walk my self in my mind, into my trance.  I start with a count backwards, visually taking my self down.  This morning, I loved the colors and the calmness of the sea.  So as I sat on the rocks with my eyes closed, I imagined myself floating over the calm sea.

I began to pull the energy of the sea, the air and light around me.  With each breath in and out I let the peace of the sunrise fill my very soul. As I breathed in I imagined the light coming in through my head, as I exhaled, I let the negative flow from me in my breath.  Within a few minutes, I can already feel the peace fill my body.  I let it run through me, through my heart and around my body.

While in my trance, I check to make sure I feel aligned, give my thanks and I say an affirmation out loud.   Today’s affirmations: “As I go through this day, grant me peace and serenity.”