Believing in miracles is powerful: I do believe in miracles. There are creative forces in miracles, Angels, for example, create every day and out of this world miracle. And you too can create, miracles. The problem is energy. Does it take like running a marathon, or climbing a very high mountain? No. What it takes is based on that old biblical proverb; “be still and know that I am God.” The size of the miracle does not matter. You study for three days like hell, for a very important exam. Now if you were out partying, and that is the reason, you could not study.

You may still get your miracle but because of sociological structures, you should feel guilty, knowing you should have studied and known, inside, that you can do more. The thought can block the miracle. But if, inside, you know that the reason was you had to take a child to the hospital, or you had to work a shift and ended up working a double because someone didn’t show up, well then, the miracle has a better chance of happening because your thoughts say that yes you deserve it. Mediation is the key to understanding miracles. We need to detach from our perception of reality, maybe not, reality itself. Angels are all around us, if we slow down enough, detach enough for the spectre of “Want” we can see them.

My Miracle was finding out there was no cancer in my lung. Despite my fears, the angels surrounded me and carried me through. I know there are miracles ahead for you. We don’t honestly have to deserve them, but we should expect them. Let the blessings of love surround you and carry you upward on Angel’s Wings.