Mind over Matter

The mind is a powerful tool and we have been blessed to be born with such a tool.  When God created us in his image he gave us the ability to heal our own bodies with the power of our minds, but of course sometimes with the aid of trained Doctors.  At times we need surgery to help our bodies to heal, but it’s our minds and our true will to live that takes over after medication and surgery.  Without our free will to live and to heal more often than not more of us would die.

Cancer for instance; tumours can be removed; malignant or benign can leave the body subject to infections that will surely aide in our death if not for our shire will to live. In fact, anytime the body is cut open we leave ourselves open for bacteria and infections.

The most dangerous of these bacterial infections are cellulitis which is a flesh-eating virus and very difficult to combat. I have recently had a total hip replacement and although they only keep you two or three days after surgery they leave the option open for inpatient rehab. Being considered a senior citizen they thought they might have to keep me for the rehab but the doctor was surprised by my ability to heal my own body.

I pushed myself to start walking the next day and walked farther than any previous patient they have had in the past at my age. Even after four weeks, the doctor can’t believe how fast the incision is healing and he had to cut a six-inch incision versus a 4” one, which is the normal length.  I am walking without a cane or a walking already but not to excess as muscles and nerves need time to strengthen as well and considering that I had just had gallbladder surgery just four weeks before my hip surgery; well just say I amazed my doctor and the nurses and they have all known me for years.

I guess they didn’t know me as well as they thought they did.   The free will and desire to heal and be of healthy mind and body is not so hard to accomplish you have to believe in the power of the human mind and in yourself.

I have spent years healing other people and teaching others to heal that I finally got the opportunity once again to heal myself and to prove the point of Mind over Matter or other wise called Power of the Mind.