Messages from Spirit

Welcome! I am pleased to be passing along these messages. They come through many sources and are individualized to your astrological sign.

Aries, you have been dreaming a great deal lately. Your big dream has the potential to come to pass in an amazing way. Instead of running from it out of fear of failure, embrace it, and know that success is on the horizon.

Taurus, someone will toy with your affections. Fortunately, you see their motivation and you turn the tables on them. It might become a standoff but in the end, it wasn’t worth the stress.

Gemini, one who has very special talents makes a well-meaning suggestion. Use your own good intuition to determine if it is worthwhile or not and if that person is worth keeping around.

Cancer, clever you! One who tries your patience won’t upset you. They will claim to be a teacher but the situation is reversed. Someone who has been in hiding resurfaces, and then goes underground again, thankfully!

Leo, be awesome! This is your time to shine. You will make a big splash in three different areas of your life and at least two of the three are important to you. You will find yourself defending the underdog. Although that person can never reciprocate, it will come back to you from someone else and in an entirely different situation.

Virgo, colors will play a big part in your life over the weeks ahead. Take care when you see a lot of the color orange. It means chaos and confusion is at hand. Use your intellect as well as gut feelings to interpret the dominating colors. On a lighter note, when invited to an event, buy an outfit in a color you don’t normally wear. By doing so, you will attract someone interesting and unusual.

Libra, you are in need of an energy boost. A new friend is inspirational and will help with your energy level. A person from the past tries to get into your thoughts and dreams but you push them away. Take a different route home at least once a week and you will discover why.

Scorpio, the root of all evil in your case is not money nor the love of money. It comes from a few lazy and clueless people. This negative situation passes when you are singled out for a special commendation or honor. When this happens, there will be more harmony…and a few laughs.

Sagittarius, a strange dream will refer to a past life experience. Karma needs to be worked out. It will culminate in a present lifetime event and close out a chapter that needs to be finished. As soon as this happens, there will be an influx of new and nice people to start a happy life path chapter.

Capricorn, a show of common courtesy is directed towards you. This comes after a dry spell of dealing with negativity. Try to have a little bit of fun on the job. Not only will it be more bearable, but it will also manifest many rewards. Speaking of manifesting, if you are not careful, another will manifest for themselves at your expense.

Aquarius, when your peeps ask what you are doing, tell them whatever you want and continue to do whatever you want. In a time of sadness, a newcomer is helpful in lightening the mood not only for you but for those around you as well. When presented with a choice, stall. The right choice will come to be on its own.

Pisces, there are times being swept off your feet isn’t the best thing to happen. Don’t be shy! By moving out of your comfort zone at work, even if only for a single day, means positive notice and feedback. A guidebook you come across at a sale will prove to be invaluable during the times ahead.