Messages from Angels

I have spent today on a side project which takes me up in the heavens and draws ethereal angelic messages down from above.  It’s an amazing feeling to be in that place for a few hours, working on one message after another, and bringing this energy of light into form.  I do feel truly blessed and humbled to be able to channel these messages from Angels.

It’s amazing how light and activated I feel afterwards.  It gives me a sense of deep inner satisfaction and emotional fulfilment, as well as a belief in the power of love, and my place within this spiritual world we live in.  Colors, sounds, and a keen sense of nature shimmer through my senses and unite me with the beauty that surrounds my life.

It is powerful work that I am engaging in, and it is this crystallization of emotion that fills me with optimism and enlightenment.  This quest for higher spiritual development is within us all and can be accessed by opening our mind to higher vibrational wavelengths.  It does bring a wealth of abundance into my life, and I feel encouraged to share the messages and insights I receive with others.  I look forward to releasing my Angel guide of messages on Psychic Contact one day.

Do you receive divine messages? If so, leave me a comment and let me know the effect they have on your life.