Meditation for Recharging your Battery

This morning I tried a new meditation with great success at achieving the relaxation I needed.  I find that with the added energy of the season, I have to take it down a notch, as I tend to pull in other’s energy.  Here’s what I did, I hope it will help you with your meditations.

This morning I started by the sea, in a spot where I could feel the sun. I sat down and ground myself in a spot I felt very comfortable.   I walked myself downstairs in my mind and got to my “blue space” which is where I like to hang out in trance.  Making sure to breathe and I imagined I was pulling light in through the top of my head, I let the air and light fill my being. Time to review life and decide what stress to let go.

This morning in my meditation, I put each stress into a bubble, each bubble looking like a crystal ornament.  The crystal ball ornaments were light as feathers and floated into space.  I could see the colors, green, red, gold and blue ornaments carrying the anxiety into the wind and away from me.  The beauty of it soothed me, each color, each stress gently floating away. Allowing myself to feel lighter, bringing in light to fill the space of the floating ornaments.  The light warming me from the inside and turning the inside of me golden yellow.  In my mind’s eye I let the words, “I’m finding beauty in stillness” stand.

I let the thought and words transform the way I feel. When I come back from the trance, I remember the feeling and vow to come back to the feeling when the energy of the day might feel overwhelming.  I hope each of you will take the moments to meditate, it will help bring personal peace during the season.