Manifestation Box

I had a client recently ask me about my manifestation box and how it works, so I thought it would be beneficial to share with all of you lovely readers as well! A manifestation box, otherwise known as an Intention box, creation box, or a wish box is a powerful tool used in attracting what you want in life. Each time you put a wish or manifestation into this box, you send this positive affirmation to the universe and let it clearly know what you want in your life at this moment.

I have personally used this method for years (I actually did it for a few years without realizing it was a known practice!) and it has never failed me when I use it.

To create a manifestation box simply find a box that agrees with you, whether it be a good energy vibration, sentimental values, or simply aesthetically pleasing to you. Some also make their own boxes by using a plain wooden box and adding designs and paints to it to make it their own, I personally use a box that is disguised as a book with Archangel Raphael on the cover.

When using this box, there are many effective methods. These methods could be magazine clippings, money to attract more wealth, symbolic images, written requests, or different herbs or symbolic objects to you. I personally keep my manifestation box full of written spells and requests in the Ancient Nordic Rune language and sealed until I no longer need them. Many however also use herbs such as sesame seeds for attracting more success in your life, or a magazine clipping of a tropical getaway for a vacation, the possibilities are endless for you.

If you wish to make a wish box or intention box, they are very similar and often seen as all one and the same but can vary from person to person.

I see often times with wish boxes, you pick a box the same way as a manifestation box, however, the wish is usually spoken into the box and the closed so that the universe will take care of it for you. And with an intention box, one can treat it as a manifestation box but put a list of intentions into this box on little slips of paper, and draw one from this box each day to bring into your life.