Making Money from your Talent

Some of us were lied to when we were growing up. We were told that in life that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Not true. Do you have the fast-twitch muscle fibres in your legs and arms like Lebron James? Sorry, you probably don’t. That means you not going to be as good basketball player as Lebron James.

However, everyone in this world has a gift or talent they are good at and in which they excel, its just a matter of finding out what that is exactly. A psychic reading can really help identify what that talent is. You were not created to be untalented and hopeless. You were created to be gifted at something that would change people’s lives. Write down on a piece of paper all the things you are good at. If you can’ think of one you need a reading haha because it is time to identify where you are going to excel in life. Steve Jobs worked for Pepsi before he worked for Apple.

He did well at Pepsi, it was a million-dollar company at the time. When Apple computers approached Steve Jobs he agreed to become their head of talent and creation. He found out what it was that he was skilled at. How many lives has he changed through iPhones, Ipads and Imacs. Steve was comfortable at Pepsi making a good wage but bored out his brains because he knew there was something better out there for him. So he took a risk to get what he wanted. A risk is all most always involved but it pays off in the end. Let’s not settle for what we have now let’s think higher and think about what we enjoy doing.