Loving Yourself

At the basis of all things what everyone truly wants to feel happy and be free from suffering. In relationships, it is very easy to be more concerned with your partner than yourself. Wondering are they happy are they getting their needs met? How do they feel about me, do they love me? It’s as if there is this belief that the other person holds the key to our happiness in the relationship. Well, I am here to tell you this is just not so.

When you turn over all your happiness cards to your partner you will most likely fall into the trap of losing all sense of your self and become absorbed into the relationship. Causing a situation where you depend on your partner for satisfaction, happiness, validation, and self-worth.

The only true cure for this is SELF LOVE. Here are some things you can start to do right now to greatly increase the happiness for you and your partner.

Which will therefore create a deeper and more solid bond between you both. 1) Forgive Yourself: Most likely you will have many moments in a relationship you will say or do things that you regret. Don’t beat yourself up about it. 2) Independence and Space: It is very unhealthy to lose your self in a relationship. Maintain your own activities, friendships and take time for your self to feed your soul. 3) Realize no one will complete you: You are already whole and complete. The work that you have to do to cultivate love is an internal one, not an external one.

Relationships are about sharing the love that’s already within and cultivating the love for yourself. Once you have love within, you can share that love with another person. When you add the component of self-love to your relationships, you’ll feel more romance, joy and new level of feeling complete.