Love Reading with Egyptian Stones

I understand that not many people are familiar with the ancient Egyptian stones I use for reading.  I came across them in the bottom of a box filled with Egyptian artefacts, books and tarot cards.  I fell in love with them and started teaching myself to use the stones.

I now use them in addition to tarot cards.  They seem to fill in more information and advice to the reading.  I hope by sharing information with you that you will learn and feel more comfortable with the stones as well. I pulled a love reading – this would be an example of a mini reading using just my stones.

(This is a reading that I did for someone in the past) I pull Min: God of Fertility, Re: God of the Sun with Khnum Creator of Life. The first thing that I would see would be words that correspond to the stones that I pull.  Each stone representing an Egyptian God or object.  The hieroglyph of the god or object is pictured on the stone.   We will start with Min: God of Fertility.   When I see Min I instantly know that there is passion, love or fertility involved with the reading.

The words I see with Min are sexuality, fertility, passion and sensuality. Re: God of the Sun shows me journeys, cycles and creation.  When I pull this stone with my cards it can point to new beginnings, using your creativity or seeking new scenery. Khnum: Creator of life lets me know that there is cycles at work, I see the words, creativity, procreation, fertility and communication.  Then I would start to see the story.

When I look at these stones together, I see a very strong time of passion and love that will lead to a pregnancy.  It is about to be a new journey that will need creativity and communication.  This will be a baby born of love and hope, and I see it will begin a new cycle, a cycle that you began that will now be carried to the child.  You will be very happy to hear that baby has been born and is doing very well.  A surprise but a much-wanted baby.