Love Languages

Words of affirmation: Are you a person that thrives when you feel confident? Words of affirmation can be powerful in expressing your love for someone. Even in a situation where a mom who has three screaming kids at the Walmart giving her a kind encouragement or affirmation can turn a stressful burdening situation into a bearable one where the mom feels empowered to make it through. If someone compliments you on how good your hair looks and you feel great for the rest of the day your love language is probably words of affirmation.

Quality Time: TV off, books closed, laptop shut, tablet switched off just two lovers spending time talking one on one. If this is what you value your love language is probably quality time. If your lovers love, love language is not quality time it can be somewhat of a sacrifice to give your loved one your undivided attention. It will mean the world to them if you do.

Receiving Gifts: When you get a gift even if it’s small do you feel as though your lover knows you well because they bought just the thing you wanted? That is because one of your love languages is receiving gifts. If you feel guilty when someone gives you something or refuse the gift because they feel guilty its probably not your love language.  

Acts of service: Love it when your man takes out the trash? Or when your girlfriend makes your favorite meal that can be an act of love and act of service. Next time your loved one wants to do the washing don’t see this as annoying and impinging on your kitchen space. It could be that your other half if showing how much they care through an act of service.

Physical Touch: Not just about what goes on under the sheets, a person whose love language is physical touch is, hugs, touching of the hands and back. It’s a physical expression of affection that some connect with on a much deeper level than others.

Love is not simple as these five languages but they are helpful in making out relationships grow in love and help us understand each other better. There is no one rule you could have a few of these languages or all of them.