Love & Compassion

In order to feel good and enjoy this journey we call life now and in the future. I feel it very important to pay attention to all the moments we have in connection to those around us. Lately, I find myself noticing how important it is this moment of reacting. Do you react in anger when someone says something hurtful, disturbing or even irritating?

How do I react? Well, I like to use these moments as opportunities for growth and find that they truly are potent and powerful moments indeed. Every time someone says something that is hurtful. I take a moment to myself close my eyes, breathe and feel the emotion.

Then I send love and compassion to the parts inside of me that feel hurt and within a few moments the hurt changes into something else to a kind of warmth, love a spaciousness where wasn’t before. After the opening inside me feels really big, I then send that love and compassion to the one that said the hurtful words.

As I know their words only came to me because they are hurting themselves. In this way, love and compassion are passed on and on. It’s easy to love and be loved when all things are going smoothly. But the real question is how to have love in your heart even when you may not be receiving it from those around you!