Loneliness to Love

Every morning I wake up at 6:30 am I log on to Psychic-Contact ready to read for who ever needs direction in their life. I then get out side in the early morning sun and I can feel the the positive energy as I look over the grass green hills. The horse stable across the road as the majestic creatures run back and forth. I feel my spiritual energy being charged by the sun and taking in my surroundings. I then enter a time of meditation I only break out of this time of meditation to do a reading. During this time of meditation my energy continues to charge for the day. At about 3 pm I head to the gym and work out I leave with a sense of health and over all well being.

My day ends usually at 9 pm and a familiar feeling enters my soul as the readings stop and work has completed loneliness kicks in. I decided a month and a half ago that I would stay single. I have been single now for nearly a year and that feeling of emptiness and loneliness is a horrible feeling. However there are positives I can tell you that on my journey of choosing to be single I have l become more at peace with myself, I have become more aware of myself and what helps me to be most proactive and spiritually charged, and optimistic during the day.

Twin Flame means many things but in the context of this blog, I am going to use it in the sense of finding the special person the one you love forever. If I was to start a relationship now it would be impossible to sustain running multiple businesses and giving readings is a full-time gig. It would not be fair to the other person and it would fail. My spirit guide told me months ago that this was to be a season to get set up to meet that special someone. Well I can tell you after a year I have now begun to be aware of who is around and as I feel it is time to start looking. Be open to the possibilities – you never know who you will meet when you are aware and are paying attention.