Life Doesn’t Come With Guarantees

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes it feels more down than up.  God never promised that this life would be easy. If it isn’t relationship problems its problems with our children, sometimes they don’t turn out to live the life we planned for them. We as women want babies; someone that will love us forever; sometimes that works out and they love us so much they depend on us more than they should once they become adults.  But as mothers, we aren’t here for them maybe too much.  We worry about them and we enable them to keep messing up their lives.

I have done that myself.  We expect our children to be a higher reflection of ourselves; to be better than we were.No matter how they turn out though we love them unconditionally and are proud of them.  We need to learn to use tough love on them at this point. When they mess up they need consequences, but it’s hard for us to watch them suffer; we suffer right along with them. However, it’s necessary if they are to become the people we thought we raised them to be.

This is a message to all mothers and fathers.  We love our children too much sometimes but to help them we have to go through the tough love process with them no matter how we suffer along with them.  It’s our atonement for having children, as it was for Adam and Eve. This is a post that if you have any questions or concerns you can go to any of the readers and blog about it.  Every parent will question the process of tough love.