Life, Death and Rebirth

I am wishing you a wonderful year and many, many moons on this awe inspiring journey we call life. Life is always temporary and in life there is a proccess of life, death and rebirth. I amexperiencing this year some sorrow in my heart as I learned on New Years Day that my only sibling, my brother died from a rare form of cancer. We had a falling out that I wish had been healed prior to his passing. He had died around my birthday in October. He was attending UC Berkley at the time as I was going to Berkley High School. He was much older than Me. He enjoyed exploring the outdoors when he had the time, on one visit he and his first wife came to Washington and we did some hiking in the area. He would go to Japan as he was a Buddist and so he is coming up upon his 100th day celebration when the soul leaves the body and one begins again the cycle of birth death and rebirth. I have learned that one is then sent into the Bardo and reborn into one of six realms.

The six realms include the God realm where one experiences all the pleasures of life without any negativity and many Buddhists aspire to be reborn in this realm. However, because there is so little suffering this realm encourages attachments, thus one may not experience Nirvana, and blow out all attachments from this place of rebirth. There is the Jealous God realm where there is lots of fighting with those in the God realm and a lot of anger towards human beings which is manifested as natural disasters. Sometimes the jealous God’s realm is called Asura. The human realm is being reborn as a human being. These are the three realms with positive attributes.

As we move to the darker realms, we have the animal realm which is as it sounds(experiencing life as an animal with instinct and without reason) the hungry ghost realm where one is constantly hungry with desire never satiated (they are pictured as a small head and enormous stomaches). The last of the 6 realms is the hell realm which includes raging fire and bitter cold as well as other environments of torture. However, none of these realms are permanent and this is a prevailing concept about life-it is constantly in a state of change. I am going to my brother’s Celebration Ceremony where I will celebrate his life and say good bye-Namaste and Aloha, Many Blessings.