Letting Go to Move Forward

In conducting my daily sessions and readings with clients, friends and family, a common theme is letting go.  It seems it is human nature to hold on to people or things for security or familiarity.  Many times we can’t move on until we let go.

I remember as a child trying to keep a frog on a string, to hold him there.  In reality, it is better to let something have the opportunity to move on and it can even be beneficial to both parties.  I find that life is too short not to be enjoying each moment.  I encourage you in your meditations, let your subconscious drift to where you need to let go or move on.  In working with my stones I turn to Nut, the Goddess of the Sky, she tells us not to hold onto negative or fearful thoughts.

If we are fearful, it stunts us and holds us back from our potential.  Really the sky is the limit if we don’t hold ourselves back.   In letting go remember to be kind to yourself, do not give yourself a hard time.

Many times we are holding onto old behaviors or fears that you gained in childhood.   These behaviors may be what you need to let go, to move onto, what you are dreaming of.  Never be afraid to ask for help and know that we all will be sustained and loved by the universe.

Open yourself up, let go and move on to the magic that awaits.