Letting Go and Maintaining Dignity

This week I had to make a hard decision to walk away from some people that I had loved.  The relationships had fallen apart and it was for my own self preservation that I chose to walk away.

I thought about it long and hard before I made the decision.  I thought about the reasons to stay and the reasons to go.  After I asked myself if those relationships were enriching my life in any way, I decided that they were causing hurt and making me question the decisions I was making.  I made some attempts and gave it one more time, just to see what happened.  They no longer wanted the relationship, and I realized that the relationships that I once had, were no longer there.

I talked to friends, relative and therapists about what the right thing to do was in this situation.  All agreed that what was left was not a relationship at all.  It takes two sides to have a partnership or any kind of relationship.  What was gone was the emotional connection.  Instead of going through the motions anymore, I decided to listen to my instincts and move on.  Respect, trust, all of those important aspects were non-existent.

Communication had died, fundamental values were different, I guess we no longer saw eye to eye. At first, the loss is hard, but as time goes on, the heart releases the pain, and life proceeds.  In fact, it goes better, after the release you are open to what is new coming into your life. I’m ready to explore the new, start my new journey… I hope you are too! Love, Light, Laughter