As a child, I was in love with Ladybugs.  I had a Ladybug circus, and they entertained the other children with great acts on the tightrope.  When I am taking photos, I’m often pulled to them.  I began to think of the Ladybug as a totem and what they meant to me.  I’m always looking for messages, especially in nature.

Ladybugs are magical and through history have been a sign of good luck.  If this insect represents your spirit or is your totem it is a totem of childlike joy.  Make a wish just as you would as a child, sent that wish to the clouds, the universe, give it to the higher power.  Realize you are blessed, loved and trust the universe.

What a wonderful symbol to use in meditation.  You can use a ladybug to carry wishes to a higher power, they can bring back light from their journey and I’m pretty sure the cohort with the fairies.  When I photograph the ladybugs, I always keep my eye open for the pixies and fairies.  Magic is there, just like in my inner child’s eye, it is taking the moment to embrace and see it.  I encourage those moments to enjoy a ladybug or butterfly.

It is always about stopping and enjoying what you see on a flower.