During the summer season when I am doing readings I often pull my stone that represents Khonsu, the God of the Moon.  It is the stone of journey, travel or just a change of scenery.  It is the journey itself that teaches us and opens us up to what is coming next.

Free spirit??  Gypsy??  Love to travel?? Excellent, this is how you open yourself up to grow.  Sometimes you open your energy up to new friends, new loves and dreams that come to fruition.  When you are on a journey, or even just checking out new scenery gives you the opportunity to open yourself up to new fresh energy, allowing you to connect again to others in a positive way.

Make sure when you are travelling that you are taking a moment in nature, just breath in the good positive light energy while you are there.  Walking will get the blood flowing, the fresh air will get your lungs going and your mind with soar with the birds. Time off and relaxing are essential to enjoying our lives and ultimately more successful with our families and careers.  Don’t forget this is the time families bond and memories are made.

Khonsu reminds us to keep things simple and childlike joy around us. Dance in Many Places in the Moonlight It is Good for the Soul.