Just say No

Are you one of those people that cannot say no? Let me tell you I have personally struggled with this since I was born. It is not easy if you are very giving personality to tell someone no, even if you really don’t want to do something. I had issues with my daycare business years ago.

I would babysit for such a low rate to help the parent, but then I could not pay my bills. It took me years and urging from my husband before I finally broke out a contract. I find that when you don’t say no at first, that later people just expect more from you. Even if you are a giving person it does not mean you have to suffer yourself to make someone else happy. Sometimes it is healthier to just say, “NO!” I would just urge all of us that do have issues with this to really use our intuition and really think about what is being asked of us before giving in.

Not saying yes all the time could be the difference between your happiness and sanity. I really have been thinking about it a lot lately and realize I usually do not think before saying yes, because out of habit I do it. This is when that pros and cons list comes in handy to do before you answer. Being a good person does not mean that you have to be walked all over.

In a world that everyone is out for themselves, sometimes you have to think about our own emotional well being. Take things on you can handle at the time and don’t be afraid someone won’t like you if you say no. If they have a problem with it then you were never important to them in the first place.