Judge or be Judged

In this day and age people like to judge others. The problem with that is no one is perfect. We all are going through our own things in life. Sometimes it is good to think about being in someone else’s shoes or to be thankful that maybe your shoes are not as worn as theirs.

Life can be hard and the last thing a person needs to hear from another is how wrong they were in making a decision, or how they handled something important, or maybe just being judged for nothing at all because jealousy likes to rear its ugly head. I think it should be a daily challenge for everyone to go out of their way to encourage someone around them rather than to find something wrong with them. In this crazy world we could all use a little pick me up from one another.

A handshake, a smile, but mostly a hug goes such a long way. To remain positive in your own life you need to create positive energy around you. This includes building up others because in return you will see the blessings that come from that. Just something to think about. Maybe instead of judging others, you can do for others. Instead of blaming others, you can forgive, and instead of putting down, you can offer a hand up. A little bit of kindness and love go a long way. I challenge you today to be that person that changes someone else’s day around.