I want to talk about jealousy because it is a real problem. Too much jealousy is not good at all, it ruins any relationship. I have been through jealous men and I had to end it because I cannot tolerate it when they get too jealous. This means there not enough trust. I know that sometimes it is nice to feel jealous because you love your partner. But do not make it a habit and make it clear that it is not ok to be very jealous. Jealousy is caused by insecurity, possessiveness, and fears that distance us from love. It could destroy our freedom. This is why it cannot be synonymous with love. Rather, it’s necessary to untie the knot of jealousy.

Jealousy initially serves to indicate that there is something that must be resolved in our relationship with our partner, outstanding issues that we’ve neglected, that make us feel insecure and distrustful. But jealousy can be handled maturely, and like all emotions and feelings, it can be taken advantage of in a way that contributes to reestablishing and strengthening the relationship, so that you can advance together and overcome your difficulties. This type of jealousy is not imagined, it’s triggered when a real distance is felt from the other person.

We all can get jealous at times, but let it be the healthy kind that strengthens the relationship, and not the harmful type see you in the next article sweeties Hugs take care