Intention Candles

I found out about 3 years ago that there was something magnificent about my abilities that I didn’t realize impacted other people until I noticed a pattern going on in my life. I remember one day, I hung out with a friend of mine who I finally met after knowing her a few years online. We were hanging out in Portland, OR at a Thai food restaurant and we got dinner there, as I hung out with her, she held my hand and she asked me for guidance.

I asked her as we were holding hands what she wanted. She said she wanted a new man in her life, and a child, fast forward 1 year, she met a really great guy, they both also ended up having a baby. We later spoke about it and said how she remembers asking me what she wanted and got both after about a year of talking about it.

I had another incident where a friend of mine was trying to have a baby with her husband, I was visiting family in the same town and I was over at her house, she told me what she wanted, I told her to hold my hand and ask me what she wants, so she told me about the baby. So, hop back on the plane to go back home, about 6 months or a year later (can’t remember the exact time) she ended up pregnant with a son.

Another experience was when I was hanging out with my cousin, and she gave me a reading that day and I gave her one back, at the time she didn’t have a boyfriend for a while, so she really wanted a new guy. A few months later she ends up with a new guy, and they’re still together. So with these few stories, I felt inspired to create “intention candles”. I basically invest my time into these wonderful candles that are empowered with special essential oils and herbs to bring your intention to life. You basically manifest your desire. I wanted to share this because there are so many people that have a strong desire in their life, and you can do it too.