Inner Time Travel

There is an entire universe within each of us and as each of us travel along the journey of our lives there is always an opportunity to investigate deeper within the greater territory of time. Let’s for a moment examine what lies within in us and how we can heal using an inner time travel technique. We each have within us an inner child this is you as a child. You have you, you are right now and your future self.  To the inner child, you are, at this moment, your future self. To the you that you are now, there will be another version of you that will be in existence at another coordinate within space-time, this is your future self.

You, your inner child, and your future self all exist simultaneously, right now, along with your Divine Self. Your Divine Self is the observer that exists outside of space-time and dimensionality. When you utilize your imagination, go inward in meditation, and become the neutral and compassionate observer, you embrace your Divine Self and merge with that. This is how you heal by stepping out of the thoughts, beliefs, programs and stored emotions and behaviours that are associated with the identity and who you think your self to be, that you think you are while in space-time and dimensionality.

Technique to heal your past: Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Take 10 deep breaths. Breathe in white light from your feet up to your head on the in breathe image you are filling your body with this light. On the out-breath release all which is no longer serve ring you. Notice yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Then imagine a little light inside you. Where ever you see this light may vary from person to person. Head, solar plexus, heart, etc. Hold your attention on this light and imagine your body is no longer there only space. In this space, you are connecting you your divine self. From here increase the sensation of love and compassion and imagine that you are watching a scene from your childhood. From this space, you can do one of two things either change the images to an outcome that is more positive and loving than how it happened in the past or imagine that you are now hugging and holding the child explaining how much they are loved and held in safety.

Dear mother earth with presence and attention we prepare the fertile soils of our soul’s desires. To weave seeds of our becoming into your womb. Help us learn to surrender with grace, to have the attention needed to cultivate our lessons so that we may blossom into our fullest potential. We are seedlings each with a blueprint of completion. Just as a seed holds the future flower it will become.

Infinite Blessing dear ones!