Inner Medicine

The Medicine Woman is walking alone into the early dawn, gathering healing plants, bits of animal bones, seed pods, glittering stones and strips of bark. She is caressing each steady rock and unfolding leaf. She knows this land as she knows her own body and tends to it as such. She is an extension of this place as this place is an extension of her own body. Her hair is still wet from the river and is tangled with twigs, sand and flower petals. Her skin is as marked and scarred as the cliffs that jut from ancient earth.This volcano-born canyon is her home and she has been here a long time. Her quiet steps are evidence of this, with not a bird disturbed.

No matter the color of her skin, she is native. The medicine she carries is for so much more than simple healing… and it is from the land. This land and the canyon that she walks through. We each carry medicine within us to the degree that we consciously contribute to the wholeness of the world, take responsibility for being co-creators of our evolving universe. While some of us may seem more adept than others, as humans and especially as women, we are born to be sensitives and empaths and to act on what we feel.

As a Medicine Woman it is my voluntary assignment to help individuals stay connected to all parts of themselves, between each other and the Earth; to heal what can be healed, resist what must be resisted, and learn the lessons inherent in one’s mistakes. To be open and humble. To stay deeply rooted and balanced in the matter as we evolve, shedding our skins again and again. Infinite Blessings dear ones 🙂